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Dr. Felicia L. Poe

Sucide Prevention

Dr. Felicia L. Poe

Rev. Felicia LaGail Poe, PhD, her ministerial journey commenced in 2003 when she accepted  her calling at Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Louisville, Kentucky.  During her tenure in Kentucky, Dr. Poe held various significant roles, including Director of the  Young People's Department and Youth Pastor. With the strength of the Holy Spirit, she juggled  responsibilities as a Church School teacher, Seeds of Obedience choir director, and  choreographer of the dance ministry GUIDance. Beyond her local congregation, she was  entrusted to choreograph dance teams for the West Kentucky Annual Conference and multiple  churches in the Louisville and Indiana regions. 

One of Dr. Poe's most treasured initiatives during her time in Kentucky was the establishment  of The Second District Dance Company, a project supported by the Jefferson County  Metropolitan Government. Under her exemplary leadership, the program received a prestigious  ten-thousand-dollar grant on two occasions, ensuring the needs of its participants were met in  full. Furthermore, Dr. Poe frequently engaged in open dialogues at the area women's correctional  facilities, providing motivation and ministering to those in need. 

Relocating to Ohio did not hinder Dr. Poe's unwavering commitment to service. While attending  Wilberforce University in Xenia, Ohio, she held prominent roles, such as President and Projects  Director of Student In Free Enterprise (SIFE) and Vice President of Men and Women of Vision,  Integrity, and Purpose. Her involvement extended to serving as Secretary to the chartered chapter  of Sigma Alpha Pi, the esteemed National Society for Leadership and Success. 

Additionally, Dr.  Poe was an advocate for sexual assault victims and a first responder to assaulted survivors. 

 At The Mt. Pisgah Church in Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Poe served for more than 15 years,  demonstrating her extraordinary leadership in various capacities. As the leader of the Women's  ministry and the originator and choreographer of the liturgical dance praise teams—Wings of  Anointing, Wing Outstretched, and Little Angels—she brought a unique spiritual experience to  the congregation. Notably, she was appointed as the Overseer of the General Overseers Council,  the Overseer of the Elders Council, and the Overseer of the Ministerial Alliance. In January 2012, Dr. Poe made history by becoming the first woman to be ordained as an Elder in the  church's 118-year history. Completing her assignment at Mt. Pisgah, she moved on to become  the Assistant Pastor at Auburn Avenue Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, Ohio, continuing her  remarkable contributions to the ministry under the leadership of her spiritual father, Rev. Dr.  Settle W. Townsend. She continues in service and ministry at Greater Mt. Zion Missionary  Baptist Church (Austin, TX). 

Dr. Felicia Poe's academic achievements are equally impressive, with degrees earned from  prestigious institutions. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Wilberforce  University. Following that, she pursued her passion for theology and obtained a Master of Arts  degree from United Theological Seminary. During her time there, she showcased her  multifaceted gifts as the Richard A. and Nancy Zimmerman Chapel liturgical praise dancer and  on a few occasions had the esteemed privilege of serving as a student preacher before faculty,  staff, and fellow students. Additionally, she contributed to the school's recruitment team,  exemplifying her dedication to her academic community. Last and most recently, she  matriculated higher to earn her Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling from Rhema  College of Theology International. Her dissertations from United and Rhema both focused on 

crucial topics of suicide prevention and support for those affected. As an adjunct professor and a  founding faculty member for the satellite campus of Rhema College of Theology International in  Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Poe imparts her knowledge and wisdom in the areas of Pastoral Care,  Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional & Spiritual Health. She also holds various certifications  to include a Mini-MBA, Change Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, and  Life Coaching. 

Apart from her numerous accolades in the ministry, Dr. Poe is the visionary founder of 'I Love  You' The Movement, LLC. This heartfelt initiative was born from her personal encounter with  suicidal ideation attempt, and the realization that even a small gesture could change lives. 'I Love  You' The Movement partners with local and national Suicidal Awareness & Prevention  organizations. While certified in mental health first aid, Question-Persuade-Refer (QPR), and  AS+K Gatekeeper Training (through the Texas Suicide Prevention Collaborative), she conducts  workshops on suicide awareness and prevention. She is a proud founding partner of the  international event "Mental Health Action Day" powered by the MTV Entertainment Group,  showcasing her dedication to promoting mental health awareness on a global scale. Annually,  Dr. Poe hosts a compelling campaign for National and International Hugging Day on January  21st, fostering an atmosphere of compassion and connection. With a strong emphasis on serving  others, Dr. Poe leads by example, inspiring others to join her in making a positive impact. Her  commitment to empowering individuals and promoting well-being has earned her the respect of  both peers and beneficiaries alike and was recognized as she served on the Board with the  American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (Dayton, Chapter). 

Moreover, Dr. Poe holds the role of Executive Partner for Poe Enterprises, LLC, a conglomerate  of diverse entities in her portfolio with her husband, Rev. Dr. Gerald Poe, Jr. This remarkable  business endeavor encompasses ventures in drone piloting, computer infrastructure, and cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives. Beyond these commercial endeavors, she also plays a  pivotal role in driving social impact through their non-profit organizations: Saving Our Next  Generation (S.O.N.G.) and ‘I Love You’ The Movement. 

Her extensive academic achievements, along with numerous business certifications such as  International Business & Economics and Change Management, lend significant value to the  team. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in organizational leadership and business ethics,  Dr. Poe's presence ensures enhanced efficiency, consistency, and clear direction for the entire  team. Her diverse background and multidimensional skills contribute to the success and forward  momentum of Poe Enterprises, LLC, making her an invaluable asset in both the corporate and  philanthropic realms. She also holds various certifications to include a Mini-MBA, Project  Management, Strategic Management, and Life Coaching. 

Devoted to her family, Dr. Poe is a loving parent to three beautiful adult children, with the  youngest, Bailey, still at home; and with unwavering support and encouragement from her  husband, Rev. Dr. Gerald Poe, Jr. PM. She proudly upholds her membership in the distinguished  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a testament to her leadership and commitment to community  fortitude.

Dr. Poe's character and actions are epitomized by a quote she cherishes, "Success is not a result  of spontaneous combustion; you must set yourself on fire!" by Arnold H. Glasgow. Her steadfast  faith and reliance on Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,  "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future," guide her every  endeavor. With an indomitable spirit, Dr. Felicia Poe remains a servant-trailblazer, leaving a  profound impact on the lives of countless individuals she touches through her ministry,  advocacy, and 'I Love You' The Movement. Her dedication to addressing critical issues like  suicide prevention and mental health underscores her unwavering commitment to building a  more compassionate and resilient society. 

As a torch bearer in her field and a beacon of hope for many, Rev. Dr. Felicia LaGail Poe  continues to inspire others through her teachings and unwavering dedication to community  service. Her story serves as a shining example of the transformative power of faith, kindness, and  a genuine desire to edify those in need.

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