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Serene Wellness Summit - October 14, 2023

The mission and purpose of The Serene Wellness Summit is to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health and educate the BIPOC community on self-care, and self-awareness, and promote well-being. 

Save the Date! March 29, 2025

About the Serene Wellness Summit

Join The Serene Corporation  on Saturday, March 29, 2025, for The Serene Wellness Virtual Summit 2025. The 2nd year wellness summit will showcase all aspects of health and wellness focusing on mental health from a holistic perspective, offering dynamic speakers from all over the country to provide insight on mental health well-being. 

Serene Wellness Summit Objectives

Objective 1: Raise Awareness: The Serene Wellness Summit aims to increase awareness about the importance of mental health from a holistic perspective, emphasizing its interconnectedness with physical health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life.
Objective 2: Educate and Inform: Provide attendees with valuable insights and knowledge from diverse speakers, experts, and professionals in the field of mental health and wellness, offering evidence-based strategies, tools, and resources to enhance mental well-being.
Objective 3: Foster Collaboration and Networking: Facilitate opportunities for collaboration and networking among attendees, speakers, and organizations, fostering a supportive community dedicated to advancing mental health initiatives and advocating for holistic wellness practices.
Objective 4: Inspire Action and Empowerment: Motivate attendees to take proactive steps towards prioritizing their mental health and well-being, empowering them to implement positive lifestyle changes, seek necessary support, and advocate for mental health awareness within their communities and workplaces.

This Event Targets

  • ​BIPOC Culture 

  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners 

  • Athletes 

  • All Genders Welcomed
    (no gender specific)

  • Families 

  • Caregivers

  • Counselors 

  • Case Managers 

  • Mental Health Professionals

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The Serene Wellness Summit Ticket Information


Virtual Admission: FREE

Self-Care Box: $35

We will need your logo and your 2 minute advertisement 
Cost: $15

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

We are looking for speakers!

The Serene Wellness Summit is looking for more Speakers to add to its already amazing list.
Submit your interest today!

Please apply by September 1, 2025

Volunteer with The Serene Wellness Summit!

We have the following slots open:

Advertisement Announcers 

Chat Room Facilitator 

Breakout Room Facilitator 

Serene Wellness Summit - October 14, 2023


1-866-287-MIND (6463)



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