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Cultivating the mind by mentoring, consulting & coaching people to their next level in life in their mindset development & mental health.

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TheMindologist by Dr. Shamarah Jimmise

Dr. Shamarah Jimmise took on the name TheMindologist when she discovered what her zone of genius was building her brand, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Dr. Shamarah Jimmise holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, but she also has the gift of helping women, entrepreneurs and athletes become the best version of themselves in life and learning. Dr. Shamarah Jimmise was once a woman who suffered from understanding where she belonged, she suffered from self-esteem and self-confidence problems. Dr. Shamarah Jimmise was once an athlete who dealt with mental health problems with no one to turn to for help. After a long journey of working and healing she now has the mindset that our history tells our story, but it is not our destination. Dr. Shamarah Jimmise is working hard to help others cultivate their mind in life and sports through mentoring, counseling, consulting & coaching TheMindologist Way.


Dr. Shamarah Jimmise holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a master's in psychology and a bachelor's in biology. She is the owner of Serene Counseling & Wellness, LLC.

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The series honors the powerful women in history who have made significant contributions. This series features a diverse lineup of over 90 accomplished women from various industries, sharing their personal stories of resilience, determination, and success. 
Dr. Shamarah J. Hutchins:
My Mindset vs. My Mental Health - watch at 1:10:40


My name is La'Trisha Jefferies and I am the CEO of Me 1st LLC, a Women's Empowerment Organization. Me 1st LLC held an event on zoom called "Loving On Me :A Self Love Event." Dr. Shamarah Hutchins opened the event discussing the importance of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love. Dr. Hutchins did an amazing job captivating the audience telling her own personal story. She broke down the benefits of adapting a spirit of gratitude and she dissected the word "self-care" which empowered each woman to identify their emotional, intellectual and physical needs ,just to name a few. 


Dr.Hutchins created a safe place for myself and the other women on the event to share our own struggles and ask questions regarding ways to improve our mental health. Dr Hutchins encouraged me to self analyze,document, and acknowledge  "Where I was, Where I am, and Where Im Destined to go."


 Immediately following the event, I received several calls,text messages, and Facebook posts from the women that attended the event stating that they enjoyed Dr. Hutchins' presentation and will be purchasing their gratitude journals. Dr. Shamarah Hutchins has such a beautiful , compassionate spirit and I look forward to collaborating with her in the future.


 I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that are to come for Dr. Hutchins!

Dayton, Ohio

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At the Mindologist Table

Join Dr. Shamarah Hutchins at The Mindologist Table, a series of exclusive brunch gatherings dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to unlocking their true potential while cultivating change for themselves, their communities, and more!  Not only will attendees be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone to explore a renewed mindset but each Mindologist Table event is an opportunity to network and meet new like-minded individuals.  

Dr. Shamarah's proven track record of coaching others to success will bring a wealth of new routines, healthy habits, and mindset shifts to each person who dares to try something new and invest in themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially!

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