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Nicole Huffman

Discover the power of pen and paper: Journal of my heart

Nicole Huffman

Nicole Huffman is a force to be reckoned with, a change agent in the City of Cleveland and a proud wife, mother, grandmother and breast cancer survivor. Nicole founded Expressions of the Heart, the headquarters for unique, personalized handmade products to uplift, support and inspire. Also founded the Love on the City initiative which focuses on strengthening relationships by serving families, youth and adults, through service projects and giving opportunities.

Nicole also serves as a coach to assist with business and organizational development and accountability. She has coached many to start businesses, change daily habits, promotions, and become authors because of her perceptive and positive leadership style. Nicole's passion for helping others and empowering them to grow and pursue the greatest version of themselves are testaments to her character and power as a leader, entrepreneur and workshop facilitator.

She readily and excellently shares her experiences and wisdom with others in her coaching program as well as speaking engagements and opportunities. With Nicole's recent journey with breast cancer, she shares that journaling saved her life and will lead workshops to introduce to others.

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