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Serene Counseling Services

Serene Counseling Services provides counseling for children,
adolescents, teens, adults, families, and couples.

Individual Therapy

(Psychotherapy, Talk Therapy, or Counseling)

 Individual Therapy is a partnership between the therapist and client that aims to facilitate change in the client's feelings, beliefs, or behaviors in a way that will enhance the desired change in their quality of life.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is great for developing and maintaining healthy and functional family relationships.  Its goal is to identify and address problems in the family that may be impacting emotional, psychological, or behavioral concerns.

Couples Counseling

(Couples and Married)

Couples counseling aims to support people in relationships that are seeking to improve intimacy, understanding, and/or considering separation. The goal of couples counseling is to restore functioning and improve relationship satisfaction.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy can be a helpful resource to those that could benefit from a support network and sounding board. This therapy often is helpful to those who have experienced loss, whether it be a spouse, a child, or someone who died by suicide. Group members can help with coming up with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge, and help with holding accountability. 
Group therapy is designed to target a specific problem, such as depression, obesity, panic disorder, social anxiety, chronic pain, or substance abuse. They can also focus on improving social skills, helping people deal with a range of issues such as anger, shyness, loneliness, and low self-esteem. 

School-Based Programs

The Serene Team provides school-based program. The goal of the school-based program is to understand and guide the student to increase social, emotional, and physical welling.


Serene Team Program Goal:

  • improve social, emotional, and physical aspects of students' overall life.

  • To seek and understand the interaction between the environment, student needs and provide a suitable intervention for the student, school, parents, and families.

  • To increase executive functioning skills:

    • Self-control: ability to regulate yourself, including thoughts, actions, and emotions.

    • Attention: being able to focus on a person, task for a period and shifting that attention where needed

    • Perseverance: the ability to stick with a task and not give up even when it becomes challenging.

    • Flexibility: ability to adapt to new situations and deal with changes.


The overall goal is to impact schools with decreasing maladaptive behaviors and increasing soft skills of empathy, emotional control, communication skills and self-awareness.

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Call us (440) 290-1083 to schedule an appointment or click here for us to contact you.

Insurance Accepted: Medicaid 


If an appointment needs to be rescheduled or canceled, it must be done within 24 hours of appointment time. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fee that must be paid before a new appointment can be scheduled.

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