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The Serene Athlete (TSA) is on a mission to empower athletes in mastering the mental dimension of sports through the innovative GOAT Framework method. TSA not only aids athletes in diving deeper into their mental well-being but also breaks the silence surrounding mental health, fostering a safe environment to address the associated stigma. Offering a diverse range of options catering to ALL athletes across EVERY sport, TSA recognizes the individuality of each athlete and the distinct challenges they face in leveraging their unique capabilities. Embracing a person-centered approach, TSA ensures that every athlete feels at ease while availing themselves of our services.


The Serene Athlete Programs Approach

In the TSA program approach, we employ the GOAT Framework—dedicated to Growth, Optimization, Awareness, and Transformation. This methodology serves as the cornerstone of our efforts to enhance athletes' mental prowess. Within this program, athletes embark on a personalized journey, focusing on skill Growth, mental strategy Optimization, cultivating Self-Awareness, and fostering Transformation. The TSA program is designed to revolutionize the mental aspect of sports, ensuring athletes reach their full potential both on and off the field through a comprehensive and tailored approach.

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Taking Athletes to the next level -
The Hall of Fame Leadership Program 

The Team Leadership Program within the Hall of Fame is dedicated to instilling athletes with a profound understanding of seven principles crucial for building leadership character within a team context. This program serves as a valuable resource for managing high-stress situations collectively, honing effective communication, and developing strong interpersonal skills among team members. By emphasizing these principles, the Team Leadership Program contributes to fostering a cohesive and empowered team dynamic, ensuring athletes can navigate challenges and succeed collaboratively.

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The partnership between A1 and TSA opens mental health services and programming to athletes' slate of training, a much-needed resource in today's world of social media and digital whirlwinds that capture our youth's attention and increase stress. Rooted in holistic approaches to helping others, the TSA+A1 partnership will identify where an athlete stands and build custom programs and services in the following areas: motivation, goal setting, concentration and focus, anxiety and fear, self-confidence, relaxation, and mental health. 


If you want to prepare your young athlete for life and sports, team up with visionary partners who understand that this is bigger than ball.

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The Serene Athlete has partnered with Precision Volleyball Academy to continue their mission of providing high quality affordable services that teach, enhance, and further develop volleyball players.  Promoting individual development, skill, and personal growth.  Preparing skilled athletes for today and leaders for tomorrow through structured, challenging, professionally managed programs and services that encourages young athletes to achieve their highest on and off the court. To visit and learn more about PVA please visit their website at

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About Dr. SJ

Dr. Shamarah Hutchins

Dr. Shamarah Hutchins, known as Dr. SJ in the sports world, has an incredible passion for athletes and mental health. Growing up, Dr. SJ used sports as an outlet to fight her frustration with life.


Basketball taught her determination, dedication, discipline, and fighting. Never thinking that basketball would set her up to be more than just an athlete, she used her love for sports to pay her way through college! As a psychologist, she now spends her time helping athletes understand having mental health problems can be managed while succeeding in the sport of their choice.


Dr. SJ holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a master's in psychology, and a bachelor's in biology.


Fun facts: 

Favorite Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Golf & learning to love gymnastics

Favorite Players: Michelle Edwards, Dawn Staley, Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Bubba Watson, Gabby Douglas, and many more. 

College recognition: 

NAIA All American, 1st Team All AMC Freshman, 2nd Team All AMC, Honorable Mention All AMC, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Dr. SJ is an athlete, a coach, and a psychologist but most importantly she’s led to changing the game of mental health in sports one athlete at a time.

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