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Staci Kirk

Self-Advocacy in relation to your health

Staci Kirk

As a 5X Cancer Warrior, Staci's passion for seeing women succeed is driven by her own experiences in life, board rooms, and the world of entrepreneurship. Throughout her health battles, recently in her 5th fight, having Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, she has remained a consistent presence in the lives of the women she serves through her Online Community, Let's Win Sis Community of Women Who Win as well as her Coaching Certification Program through her company The LWS Institute. "Every woman has the power to be everything she is destined to be, inside of her! She simply has to yield to God's calling and do the work necessary to become the best version of herself", Coach Staci tells the women who attend her courses and follow her on her social media platforms.

Coach Staci prides herself on her ability to meet women where they are having been through and experienced some of the same things her clients and sisters have experienced. Whether it be divorce, abuse, health issues, being a black woman in corporate America, or simply not feeling 'good enough' according to the standards of others, she identifies with every woman God puts in her path, allowing her to speak to the soul of who they are and helping to wake up the strength inside.

The LWS Institute is home to LWS Group Coaching, the LWS Coaching Certification Program, and Elite 369 Coaching. All of Staci's programs are built on finding and harnessing the value within while creating business tools and strategies that enhance the gifts and talents of her clients and coachees. These programs were built for any woman of any age and/or background who wants to change their life in a meaningful way. Coach's programs are easy to use and provide information that can be used immediately. No holding back, if you commit, you will succeed!

For over 20 years, Staci PurPose Kirk has served as a noteworthy Inspirational Leader, Motivational Speaker, and Business Operations Strategist in both Corporate America and the world of entrepreneurship. Through her creation of high-level training programs, strategic analysis, and cutting-edge professional development courses, she was able to transform low-performing upper-management executives and team members alike in the corporate arena, into high-producing, well-functioning teams. Staci was able to take the skills that helped her create million-dollar savings and earning strategies for healthcare and commercial corporations and create similar tools for small businesses to thrive.

Staci PurPose Kirk holds herself to an extremely high standard and has always produced at a level paramount to that which is expected of her. She has always climbed corporate and social ladders quickly due to her genuine efforts towards supporting others and building them up for success. Staci's intentions are clear, find areas of weakness or blockage or even lack and work diligently with others to create new pathways or tear down the old non-performing ones so that success can shine through. Her coaching is filled with tangible, usable, and actionable information that when used properly can lead to unprecedented shifts in business and life.

Having received countless honors, awards, and accolades such as Beachwood Ohio, Woman of the Year 2022, Inspirational Leader, WEA, Spirit of Success Award, and Women of Inspiration Award 2023, to name some; Staci PurPose Kirk remains humble and stays true to the calling on her life. "My greatest pleasure is shining a light on women who are deserving of recognition and acknowledgment for their great works",  she said in an interview regarding the awards ceremony she created in 2014. The Stiletto Boss Awards has become a staple event in Cleveland, Ohio, and has honored hundreds of women since its inception.

Staci is a mother of two amazing grown-ups that fully support everything she does! Her family and close friends are her joy and she loves to entertain them, sometimes making them laugh so hard they literally fall out of their chairs. She loves food, music, and movies (with lots of popcorn) and will welcome you into her tribe with open arms because she is as passionate about supporting women in creating a self-sustaining economy as she is about living life out loud and smiling!

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