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Trishelle Robinson

Therapy & Theology: What the Word Really Says

Trishelle Robinson

Trish Robinson is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a friend. She is also a mentor, coach, pastor, creative conversationalist and author. Known to those around her as the Loud Leader, even she is quiet, she has a lot to say. Trish has accepted her identity and coined it as being an agitating adjutant, the one who will irritate and assist you all at the same time. When she introduces herself, she simply tells people I am here to push and support you to do one of two things – either be moved into action or into an exit, either way she’ll get you moving and that’s the goal.

Life was not always great, but if you ask her now even what was bad was still good. The challenges endured through her 44 years of living have helped to cultivate who she is and even who she’s becoming. The saying hindsight is 20/20 really resonates with her because as she leads, she does so through a lens of experience, education and evaluation. Her method of teaching, preaching and coaching is based on a reflective presentation and creative conversations, her auto introduction is “this is for me, for you.”

Having hard conversations in marriage, ministry, the marketplace or anywhere else for that reason may prove to be tough without the right tools. That’s where Trish can help by offering opportunities and moments of engagement in creative conversation. This gives you the ability to touch those topics without worrying how it’s going to turn out. It also provides the merging of natural and spiritual principles with practical understanding and application through sophisticated storytelling.

Christ has always been a presence in her life, even when she or anyone else would’ve begged to differ (that story will be told soon). But in February 2013, a should’ve been another way situation shifted how she decided to show up for Him and the people she would soon learn she was being called too. A car fire consumed everything around her, except her and the two bibles that were in the vehicle with her. At that point, she chose to live life and lead people the way God needed and intended for her. Trish has served as campus pastor for 3 years at Resurrection Church alongside her husband Pastor Chris, and copastors of their own church and ministry together – Road to Righteousness Ministries.

She believes that we are going to break through the barriers and bridge the conversation gap together. Scheduled some time to talk. Welcome to the table, we’ve got a lot to discuss.

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